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Bohemian Rhapsody by Mark Roseboom | Yarn Pack (Catona Version) ** Only One Left***

Bohemian Rhapsody by Mark Roseboom | Yarn Pack (Catona Version) ** Only One Left***

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Bohemian Rhapsody by Mark Roseboom Yarn Pack - Catona Version

This is a yarn pack only.  The pattern can be purchased from The Guy With The Hook website:

From Mark Roseboom Designer: 

"Welcome to Bohemian Rhapsody, a blanket crochet pattern inspired by the greatest and perhaps most iconic song made by the rock band Queen. Using this theme has been on my to-do list for a long time. As a Queen and Freddie Mercury fan, I have had the wish for a long time, but how can I turn such a song full of lyrics into a crochet piece? Well, that started by studying the lyrics word by word and the meaning behind it. In this way, the blanket was made part by part, and the result is shown here. This pattern has become a large one, and crocheting this piece also takes you on a journey to discover the true meaning of the lyrics from Bohemian Rhapsody. I’ll explain them and tell you how I translated them into stitches, and it will give you hours of crochet fun.

Although this pattern will be available as a digital purchase, it has also been released in the first edition of the Guy with the Hook’s magazine. A new concept by the Guy with the Hook. The magazine holds the same pattern and background story - it is only so colorful and illustrated and has extra articles, fun facts, and photos of the good old days when Queen was among us. The magazine is sold in my Etsy shop as a physical copy."

This yarn pack comes with FREE shipping

This yarn pack contains:

A 110 Jet Black 3 x 100g, 1 x 50g
B 105 Bridal White 1 x 100g, 1 x 50g
C 522 Primrose 1 x 25g
D 208 Yellow Gold 1 x 50g
E 249 Saffron 1 x 25g
F 411 Sweet Orange 1 x 25g
G 281 Tangerine 1 x 25g
H 189 Royal Orange 1 x 25g
I 388 Rust 1 x 50g
J 115 Hot Red 1 x 25g
K 390 Poppy Rose 1 x 50g
L 192 Scarlet 1 x 25g
M 394 Shadow Purple 1 x 50g
N 240 Amethyst 1 x 25g
O 520 Lavender 1 x 50g
P 173 Bluebell 1 x 25g
Q 247 Bluebird 1 x 25g
R 261 Capri Blue 1 x 25g
S 527 Midnight 1 x 50g, 1 x 25g
T 525 Fir 1 x 50g
U 515 Emerald 1 x 50g
V 412 Forest Green 1 x 25g

This yarn pack does not contain:

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This yarn pack also comes in a  Whirl Version

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