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Yarn Bookazine 11 | Macro Botanica

Yarn Bookazine 11 | Macro Botanica

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“When we zoom in and look closely at the tiniest details, a whole new world of wonder opens up before our eyes and we call it: Macro Botanica” – Simy Somer, Scheepjes Creative Director"

View the fascinating world of botany through a macro lens and let yourself be seduced by the beauty and ingenuity of Mother Nature. In YARN Bookazine 11, we are zooming in on the powerful properties of plants and the amazing things they do to survive and bring their beauty into the world, such as attracting pollinators, reproducing, defending themselves from harm and growing strong so this magical cycle of life continues. The unique knit and crochet designs featured for the spring and summer season pay homage to these fascinating feats, seen reflected throughout the chapters Attract, Reproduce, Defend and Grow.

This book contains 16 amazing patterns!

  • Meadow Throw
  • Loves Me Loves Me Not Flower
  • Floral Skirt
  • Blooming Wrap
  • Angelica Bag
  • Dahlia Duster
  • Propagation Planters
  • Dandelion Clock Cushions
  • Venation Wrap
  • Metamorphosis Wrap
  • Thistle Thorn Socks
  • Venus Fly Trap Cushopn
  • Hap-Pea Pod
  • Greenhouse Cardigan
  • Chlorophyll Blanket
  • Fibonacci Shawlette


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