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Yarn Bookazine 14 | Expression

Yarn Bookazine 14 | Expression

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Almost every living form, consciously or not, expresses itself in some way, which is one of the many reasons why our lives are so interesting!” - Simy Somer Creative Director

Many designs in YARN Bookazine 14 - Expression combine various knitting or crochet techniques and are embellished with beadwork or embroidery for extra flair. Garments are inclusively designed to be unisex and suited to most shapes and sizes. Colour palettes are vibrant, fun and cheerful, contrasting with softer, darker colours giving depth and style. The 16 modern crochet and knitting projects encourage the expression of unique, individual identities. They feature a wide range of yarns, from luxurious Alpaca and Merino to wastewater produced Cottons and a fully recycled blend of Viscose and Wool. Be prepared for unconventional fibre and colour combinations, interesting construction, and expressive shapes and textures.

This book contains 16 amazing patterns!

  • Time Traveller's Blanket
  • Freestyle Joggers
  • Shimmy Shawl
  • Parkour Backpack
  • Charleston Coat
  • Knit & Knot Bolster
  • Frills & Spills Lampshade
  • Row by Row Throw
  • Step Up Jumper
  • Reflection Jumper
  • Flutterby Cape
  • Slinky Sea Slug
  • All Change Hat
  • Lost in Time Clock
  • Memo Sweater
  • On The Dot Wall Hanging


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