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Yarn Bookazine 3 | The Tropical Issue

Yarn Bookazine 3 | The Tropical Issue

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“On first inspection, the midday heat of a scorching tropical day doesn’t seem like the ideal grounds for crafting. However, to me, tropical means projects that pop with colour and are specific to a very special season: High Summer. The hazy heat of summer brings the need to replenish often by escaping the sun…a few more rounds of crochet is just the replenishment this crafter needs.”

Inside our third issue of YARN Bookazine discover a wide variety of patterns inspired by the sunnier months, from cover-ups to accessories for yourself and the home. Hang the Pineapple Garland in your living space to add a splash of sunny yellow, or crochet your own pair of Mojito Espadrilles to slip on for a trip to the beach! There is lots to explore in this vibrant issue.

This book contains 15 amazing patterns!

  • Summer Cover-up
  • Cactus Puzzle Balls
  • Greenhouse Top
  • Amazon Blanket
  • Star Fruit Blanket
  • Pineapple Garland
  • Tropical Flower Pouf
  • Wall-hanging Fruit
  • Birds of Paradise Shawl
  • Hummingbird Cardigan
  • Peacick Motif
  • Manhattan Clutch
  • Pina Colada Shawl
  • Mojito Espadrilles
  • Tequila Sunrise Towels



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