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Yarn Bookazine 5 | Woman

Yarn Bookazine 5 | Woman

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“As women we can wear many different ‘hats’ throughout our lives: daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend. These are roles that unite us, and can sometimes define us. But more importantly, throughout the many roles we play in our lives, we grow and develop. We become stronger, more confident and wiser.”

Be taken on a journey throughout the history of Women as you discover a host of designs that celebrate the similarities, as well as the differences, that unite women of different ages, cultures, shapes and sizes. From designs like the Lucy Apron which reminisce on the traditional roles of women, to the Amethyst Dress which celebrates women’s bodies, this issue aims to inspire you to create something beautiful for the inspirational women in your lives.

This book contains 14 amazing patterns!

  • The Lucy Apron
  • Heirloom Tablecloth
  • Sunday Collar
  • Techno Clutch
  • Chill Out Blanket
  • Coachella Top
  • Rebel Wrap
  • Big Sister Shawl
  • Little Sister Shawl
  • Amethyst Dress
  • Om Cushion
  • Whispering Wind Chimes
  • Rainfall Kimono
  • Lotus Leaf Blanket


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