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Juniper Moon Farm

Cumulus Rainbow

Cumulus Rainbow

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The yarn:

Juniper Moon Farm Cumulus is one of the loftiest, softest and most scrumptious cotton yarns we've ever had on our needles or hooks!  This Israeli Mako Cotton blend is as soft as a kitten! The long staple length of Mako cotton is the highest quality fiber. Light as a feather, Cumulus is perfect for baby blankets and garments, and it is next-to-skin soft for scarves and shawls too! 

Dyed in innovative Rainbow shades using a very long color repeats; which in the knitting can show up as large striped areas of the same color. Each ball starts and ends at the same color for easy transition to keep the color progression in a large project. Fun to knit with & watch the Rainbow unfold before your eyes!

Fiber:  94% cotton, 6% nylon
Weight/Length: 100g, 230m
Gauge Designation: 10ply / Worsted
Gauge/Needle Size: 16-20 sts = 10cm on 4.5-5.5mm needles
Care: Hand wash, lay flat to dry.

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"Zeynep Wrap" by Juniper Moon Farm

Juniper Moon Farm Theresa is a stunning rectangular wrap, after which a short edging is worked in reverse stockinette stitch on each side, knit in Cumulus Dappled. The incredible softness of Juniper Moon Farm Cumulus Dappled has to be felt to be believed! This cloud-like worsted weight yarn with chainette construction is warm-weather-friendly cotton with a touch of nylon for stability and strength.



"Nora Shawl" by Ursula McGrath

Stripes and slipped stitches blend the colors of Cumulus and Cumulus Dappled in this generously sized triangular shawl.


"Cumulonimbus" by Aimee Pelletier

This project can be worked up in no time in a simple chevron pattern. It has basic increases and decreases, great for a beginner with a few projects or an experienced knitter wanting a mindless project!

This pattern is a FREE Raverly download.


In the Family:

 To complement Cumulus Rainbow, try Cumulus and Cumulus Dappled.


What is Mako Cotton?  

Mako Cotton is prized for its extra-long staple length, which produces the smoothest, strongest cotton fibre available. It is spun into a chainette construction, which allows for air to pass through the yarn. This creates softer, more lightweight fabric than traditional spun cotton yarns.

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